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About Manny's Oil Co.

Manny’s Oil Co. is a family-owned business founded by Manny Figeuroa, who has been in the oil industry since 2000. Manny’s journey in the industry began with starting from the ground up and working his way through the ranks of a company he initially started with. In 2012, the company was sold to a larger corporation where Manny continued to work for three years. Seeking new opportunities, he joined another oil company and dedicated three more years to honing his expertise.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business growth, Manny ventured into the HVAC industry and successfully established his own business, which has flourished for five years. Drawing from his extensive knowledge and experience in the oil and HVAC industries, Manny decided to take the plunge back into the oil delivery business.

Committed to providing exceptional services and education to customers, Manny’s Oil Co. aims to not only deliver reliable fuel oil but also to empower customers with valuable information about their fuel consumption and heating systems. We believe that an informed customer is an empowered customer, and we are dedicated to educating our clients on the best practices for efficient and cost-effective fuel usage.

At Manny’s Oil Co., we pride ourselves on delivering superior fuel oil delivery services to residential and commercial clients in Auburn, MA, and the surrounding area. Our experienced team ensures prompt and efficient delivery, and our commitment to competitive pricing without compromising quality sets us apart from the competition.